Ryan Van Fleet has nominated Ocala, FL to take a step towards a greener future.

Our mission is to assist local organizations serving communities in need, transforming what might be seen as an economic burden from donation requirements into a sustainable opportunity.

We do this by providing proven systems for food production, energy creation & waste-to-opportunity that compliments local non-profit organizations. 

Think about a soup kitchen…

It would be pretty cool if they can produce 75% of the food they need on their property. 

This is where we have made our proposed business plan completely transparent. You can view it here.

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Let’s Make Ocala, FL A GREENER Community!

Let’s Make Ocala, FL A GREENER Community!

Benefits of Adopting an ‘Eco Village’ Mindset

In order to create a greener community in Ocala, FL, embracing an ‘Eco Village’ mindset can lead to numerous benefits. By implementing proven, economically viable solutions, the community can become more self-sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Growing Food: Embracing Sustainable Agriculture

One key area to focus on is local food production. By embracing sustainable agriculture practices, the community can:

  • Reduce dependence on imported food
  • Support local farmers and businesses
  • Promote healthier eating habits
  • Decrease the carbon footprint associated with food transportation
  • Strengthen community bonds through shared gardening initiatives

Generating Energy: The Shift to Renewable Sources

Another crucial aspect of creating a greener community is through generating energy using renewable sources. This shift can:

  • Reduce reliance on fossil fuels and their associated pollution
  • Promote cleaner air and better health for residents
  • Create local job opportunities in the renewable energy sector
  • Lower energy costs in the long run
  • Position Ocala as a leader in sustainability within Florida

Potential Partnership with Local Nonprofit Organizations

In order to further the greener community initiative, partnering with local nonprofit organizations can greatly amplify our impact. Below are eleven organizations that can be potential candidates for partnership:

Local Nonprofit Organizations

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